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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spirit Of Aloha Dinner Show At Disney's Polynesian Resort

The dining experience at Disney's Spirit Of Aloha Dinner Show was unlike any thing I had experienced at the other Disney World restaurants to date.

First, after getting off the monorail and making our way to what seemed like the other end of the Polynesian Resort, we stood in line, for a few minutes and talked with each other and some of the other guests waiting to be seated.

When our turn came, we checked in our reservation and were then directed to the photographer, to pose for a couple of photos. If you don't know already... some of the restaurants in Disney World will have you take photos with one of their photographers, and later, while you're dining, the photographer will see if you want to purchase the photo... Aw, come on!... Everyone has some sort of gimmick to retrieve more of that ever-vanishing cash from your pocket... Don't expect Disney to be any different... They are after all - a BUSINESS - though a really fun one!

All this is taking place outside. Disney's Spirit Of Aloha Dinner Show is an outdoor experience, although the dining area has a roof over it, it is still open.

Everyone seemed to be hungry and ready to eat again, even though we had eaten at The Turf Club Bar & Grill only a few hours ago... Must have been the stress of the trip :-)

Our meal began with an appetizer of salad, pineapple and hawaiian bread...

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