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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spirit Of Aloha Dinner Show At Disney's Polynesian Resort

The dining experience at Disney's Spirit Of Aloha Dinner Show was unlike any thing I had experienced at the other Disney World restaurants to date.

First, after getting off the monorail and making our way to what seemed like the other end of the Polynesian Resort, we stood in line, for a few minutes and talked with each other and some of the other guests waiting to be seated.

When our turn came, we checked in our reservation and were then directed to the photographer, to pose for a couple of photos. If you don't know already... some of the restaurants in Disney World will have you take photos with one of their photographers, and later, while you're dining, the photographer will see if you want to purchase the photo... Aw, come on!... Everyone has some sort of gimmick to retrieve more of that ever-vanishing cash from your pocket... Don't expect Disney to be any different... They are after all - a BUSINESS - though a really fun one!

All this is taking place outside. Disney's Spirit Of Aloha Dinner Show is an outdoor experience, although the dining area has a roof over it, it is still open.

Everyone seemed to be hungry and ready to eat again, even though we had eaten at The Turf Club Bar & Grill only a few hours ago... Must have been the stress of the trip :-)

Our meal began with an appetizer of salad, pineapple and hawaiian bread...

Citrico's - Fancy Dining At Disney World's Grand Floridian Resort

Citrico's - sounds like one of those really ritsy restaurants, doesn't it?

It is! Located on the second floor of the Grand Floridian Resort, it is one of the finer restaurants in Disney World. Citrico's is one of those that just reeks of expensive taste. The food, the service, the prices... All say expensive :-), but it is definitely worth digging into the pocketbook!

In comparison to some of the other expensive restaurants (the 2 Table Services for the Disney Dining Plans), I would list Citrico's in my "A" list of the Disney's Signature restaurants. Definitely 5-star rating, along with California Grill, The Turf Club Bar & Grill (although not a 2 Table Service on the Disney Dining Plans or Signature restaurant, but I love their food and service), Artist Point, Flying Fish and the Yachtsman Steakhouse.

Our evening started with us arriving five minutes before our reservation. We waited less than ten minutes in the lobby before being seated at our table by Boris (from South Africa). From the time you walk in the lobby of Citrico's, you know you're in a "well-to-do" restaurant...

The California Grill In Disney World's Contemporary Resort

The first time going to the California Grill was in December, 2009. Cindy and I went with Karl and Terri Rosenhan, as part of their 10th Wedding Anniversary Vow Renewal, along with the Bransons (Mike, Sondra and their son, Hayden).

We had an absolutely wonderful time, from our server, Walter, to the food... We experienced both quality service and delicious food, and vowed to come back...

And so we did... In July, 2010, Cindy and I once again enjoyed the fine cuisine at the California Grill. This time we brought a little group of our own, including my mom, Martha Covington, my sister Dianne Wright and brother-in-law, Jeff Wright, and my younger daughter, Renae Covington.

The food was just as good as before, and all our guests thought it was there best dining experience overall, although they enjoyed every place we took them...

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Hollywood Brown Derby

Disney World's Hollywood Brown Derby, located in The Hollywood Studios theme park, is based on the Original Brown Derby, in Hollywood.

Whether you're dining outside or inside, you get the feel of what it was like at the Original Brown Derby. I prefer inside dining myself (you know, the air conditioning, etc.), where I can look around at all the caricatures on the wall, the class and ambiance of the 1920s and 30s, when the stars of that era frequented the restaurant.

Cindy and I first dined there in December of 2008. Being almost two years ago, I can't remember what appetizers we had, or what my entree was, but Cindy is positive that she had the Spit-roasted Half Chicken.

I do remember that I tried the Grapefruit Cake for dessert. It is a Brown Derby Original, and although it was decent, I can say I was overwhelmed with delight over it.

Overall, our experience at The Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant was really nice. Cindy gave it a 5-star rating, and I gave it a 4-star rating. We're going again this July (2010), and I'll put an update of that experience here then.

UPDATED July 5, 2010

What Age Is Too Old For Disney World?

The first time I went to Disney World in June of 2008, I was fifty... (50)... the Big Five-O!... And my mind was pretty much made up that I was NOT going to see much that was going to impress me...

I mean Disney World was for kids - right?

Even the when the athletes won a major event, it was always "We're going to Disneyland" - NOT Disney World!

Disney World had Magic Kingdom and Tinker Bell, etc.

It just sounded like somewhere you took your young children, you know, young enough to enjoy all "that stuff" and just old enough not to think it was too corny!

Well, I needed a 'attitude adjustment' and Mickey and the gang gave me just that...